Ash Ketchum Pokemon

Game Description :

Ash Ketchum

Play free Ash Ketchum Pokemon Game online at ketchum is one of the most famous and popular human character and the main protagonist of pokemon anime. Ash ketchum is always crazy to become pokemon master. When he reach the age of 10 he get the first pokemon professor Oaks laboratory. The distinction between the other human character and ash is that he is the first character to be introduced in the pokemon series. He is also know as a Pikachu lover and in series its show that Pikachu not obey ash and kept running away from him. once Ash attempt to save Pikachu from Spearow. from then on Pikachu and ash became best friends for life. Now he have many pokemon friends like charizard, Bulba and many other.

Game Description

Ash Ketchum bring a very addicting adventure for you. Today he play with charizard a very funny game. He fly high with him and after that Chizard drop him from his back and fly quickly down at the of Upper surface of sea and wait for Ash to catch him at his back and sail again. Help him to Eat the fruits at the air for scored high. you also meet the pikachu while dropping if you touch pikachu you will get a nice jump a chance to eat more fruit. you have many levels to play. ride at the back of charizard and avoid from dropping in sea water.


This game is played with arrow keys.