Granny Strikes Back

Game Description :
Granny Strikes Back is a game that features a granny on a mission after she encounters a strange alien that crash lands near her home. this game is a shooter but with a tower defense twist to it. Use your granny to shoot at your enemies with fruit weaponry. That’s right, guns that fire fruits and vegetables. During the game, you will have to grow your garden in order to keep your ammo supply up. As you defeat your enemies, use the profits to build your defenses to greater levels which will help you fend off even better enemies. You will be able to play through over 50 different missions and 100 quests throughout the game. Use your mouse to shoot You can move by using the arrow keys, the ASWD keys or the mouse Change your weapon with the E and Q keys or the 1-5 number keys Use the space bar to throw grenades P to pause the game M to control the music