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Fear of Public Speaking : GLASSOPHABIA

Interest article on going to talk about a disease which is very much common in the students of the universities is alone to be the confirm in which person if he is different of a group more than 8 people he feels shy and so close to footwear if actually in which we need to take some measurable step so we could overcome it cause fever is actually not dangerous disease like Deputy Sur other culin diseases it cause of phobia is very much common in the youth people so some of the yours a treatment of the disease are following whenever you are in front of people and are going to present something you nees to eat much before it because eating much before giving a presentation Boost Your energy so you will be able to speak a better Louder Than in front of people so and you will feel comfortable before speaking check your vocal cards if there is something stuck in them try to clear them BCom suitable where you feel comfortable try to take that position it could be anything reason of class of phobia if that dressing people who actually try to look up on their dressing they feel they have a bed dressing and the listener will be laughing at some because of their dressing for you need to make and where a proper dress on the day of your presentation so you could be left class of one of the thing here I want to mention you and give you as a tip on the basis of my experience is that you should make a joke but try to control people because font you make a joke while your presentation people will be free and table and their mind is saying that he is a joker don’t take him serious but when you make a joke and also control them then it would be okay for you because they will listen to you attractively try to make a body language and I to my contact to your listener don’t try to avoid them or don’t show your back to them because when you turned around towards the whiteboard and right something they will feel uncomfortable and less attracted towards you so after whenever you writing something on on the white board try to make a contact as well to them before keeping your presentation try to read all the presentation main questions from your presentation because you are listeners could reached their hands to ask you the questions so it is possible when they ask you question you will feel shy what you eat before your presentation is very much important and has keynote on it you should eat a food which you like don’t eat food you don’t like or some of the people eat food some of the people eat food foodfully because say someone has said to them that food provide you energy so in just not keeping this in mind they eat foodfully much but they don’t like the food so it also depends motivates them I tell you about a story of Mind when I was going to a presentation when I started to present I was like showing I was expecting people to question me I was for read about people because they all were weight watching at me for the first time it was happening in my life and all the people and our large group of people watching me and they were only waiting me to speak there was one thing running in my mind to get rid of it and as soon as possible who to your seat an eliminate is presentation but teacher didn’t allow me to do so as they ask me question I was very much and coughtable feeling but that’s why I felt that it is necessary to be attention towards this topic why I was feeling very much uncle then I come to know on one of the searching platform start it is called clause of phobia the disease which I am tell you about here I would like to mention all the food which will provide you energy dates yoghurts Brett and butter out of food that work why do energy before your presentation and in your presentation before your presentation you should need to eat if all food it chocolate in one of the best soft drinks you ever
Most of the youth were studying universities are victims of class of phobia birthday did you know because it is not very much hurting and not very much dangerous to them they think that they are shy by nature but it doesn’t share if I tell you why the people are victims of class of obaid and their are many causes of it but some of the common causes of king classes for victim is that the invitement because he was set quite your parents forcefully on the YouTube things which you to don’t want it you will fully arrest for you with your breast I could be your teacher to get out of class of phobia disease you need to build a confidence in yourself you should need to take some motivations if you have motivation then you could easily get out of it as far as my personal experience I was also close of phobia and I was also a victim harrasmenst by my family. You just need to do the things which build and boost your confidence don’t do the things which make you less motivated because these things will also be a cause of increasing your level of your class of phobia


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