Get paid to play games with Freecash! Freecash is an easy-to-use rewards app that lets you earn rewards like gift cards, crypto, and more just for playing the casual games you love. Complete surveys, win prizes, and earn cash rewards all in one app with Freecash.

Freecash: Earn Crypto & Prizes Play And Earn Money

With Freecash, you can earn rewards such as Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, and more just by completing surveys or playing your favorite casual games. Best of all, the average Freecash user can earn around $17.53 per day with a first coin cash out after only 42 minutes and 21 seconds of playing. Rewards are right around the corner when you sign up for Freecash!

Play and win prizes as soon as you is the fastest growing rewards website, and now we’ve launched our own app so you can make money right from your phone. We collaborate with companies that want to advertise their apps, surveys, or products. By participating, you can get paid and earn rewards such as gift cards and even crypto.

Making money with Freecash is easy and fun! We’ve got the best casual games, MMORPGs, sports games and just about every other genre available for amazing prize play. Earn cash and crypto when you play your favorite game and complete paid surveys.

It’s easy to play and earn on Freecash. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the Freecash app on the Playstore
  2. Open the app and start your first task.
  3. Pick your favorite game to play or money survey and earn rewards!
  4. Complete tasks and start making money. Some users earn more than $100 per day!
  5. Once you finish a task, go to the shop and choose your favorite reward.
  6. Cash out with PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards & much more INSTANTLY!

Get paid to play and test free games and apps. Make money and earn rewards today with Freecash!



  • Get paid to play games from a variety of genres. From RPG, MMORPG, PvP games and more!
  • Access a variety of casual games and other tasks to make money.
  • Prize play with friends: Reach level 10 and join our affiliate program!
  • Once you join the program, you can receive up to $20 for each referral!


  • Earn cash and crypto by completing surveys through one easy to use app.
  • Earn coins after each survey and get paid when you cash out.
  • Choose from a variety of different companies and complete surveys for money.
  • Make money by answering questions and giving feedback. It’s that simple!


  • Earn cash instantly with free PayPal gift card cash outs through our Shop.
  • You can choose to earn crypto with each task you complete.
  • Freecash runs promotions with your favorite apps to guarantee the best payout!
  • Top monthly users can earn up to $500 and daily amounts can go up to $100!


  • EARN CRYPTO: Earn Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies starting as low as only 10 cents!
  • GAME GIFT CARDS: Earn Play Store Gift Cards and easily load your account!
  • PAYPAL GIFT CARDS: Convert your balance to real cash!
  • AMAZON GIFT CARDS: Add your gift card to your Amazon account balance

If you need any help, you can always get in contact with our 24/7 online support.

Playing games for money? It’s possible with Freecash! Download our rewards app to earn cash and crypto today!

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