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Google is Another World In Itself

It is good if we say Google as a world in Itself and because it is the one Media platform which has capacity to be titled what we call it.Some of you will definitely have understood that what am trying to say but many of you and particularly those who are new and doesn’t have much knowledge about Google they will be like “everything is coming and going for us” So let me explain to you why I said this about Google.So following are the reasons why Google is a world inside a word.

An uncompetable Company

Ye it is the company that is very much forwarded to other companies.Google has many unique and creative programs like Maps,Duo, Search,AI and so on.

Google Has Partner Program

This is the first and one of the best program which the only Google have.If you go to other platforms which say they are giving Google tough competition but in reality are far behind they don’t have a program like this.It is only unique this which Google have.


It is the thing through you can know where to go and how far is your destination and also it tells the best route for your destination.Thats why it is my one the favourite after Google partner program.Also the company is going to upgrade to it and also it is going to add some more features into it.Amd these Features will guide the people and tell them the direction towards their destination.


In Google search you have all the data on just one simple click.This all data is about everything as it gives you the best and accurate sources information.Suppose if you want to find a Tip about health than it will tell you data from the world’s best health websites.


This is one the best question and before we answer this question we need to look at what is best in Google.So Google has AdSense,Maps, Etc.And if we left all other things And just concentrate on these two things we will get the answer of our question


It is the partner Program which our Google company is offering.Let me tell you what is AdSense?? It is a Program through Google runs advertisements on the content YouTube channels or Google Websites And Google takes 45 Percentage Of revenue and shars 55 percent of revenue to The Owner of that website or YouTube channel.But I want to tell you something very much important here which you need to follow one of the harsh route of Google which full of restrictions and policies to become a partner of Google in this AdSense program.If at any moment Google feels you have violated it’s one of even minor policies than it removes your website and also disables your
se account with money Stored in it.


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