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In Short What Is Diabetes?

So if you want to know what is diabetes then there are two types of it one is diabetes which is cause of sugar and other is diabetes inspidus which is related to our under body organs.
If I ask you to compare the both diabetes types than you will come to know that the diabetes mellitus is more dangerous than the second type of dibetes which is diabetes inspidus because if we look at the death ratio of both these types than we will find that more of the percent people are dying due to Diabetes mellitus in comparison to diabetes inspidus
As far as the concerned is about the question that weather Diabetes mellitus can be cured ? than the answer is yes .they answer lies in the organ which is pancreas because any fault in pancreases brings diabetes in our body and then we need to start our treatment and if we tackle that fault in our pancreas than we will be able to fight with a smile with it and we will be winners against it
If your concerned about that question that what should a diabetes mellitus patient eat and what he don’t. if we look at the category of the food which she should take these are the foods which have less Calories and less sugar things these foods actually help him to fight with sugar. Actually it is in which the sugar level of our body increase up to so if we want to make a treatment other than we need to lower the sugar level. we also do this process by injecting some insulin injections in our body so as far as the concerned what should a sugar patient doesn’t eat then these foods include the high sugar products these products includes Pepsi bottles soft drinks hot drinks and other sweets here I want to tell you about some Harsh reality of sugar mellitus


I am very much sad to tell you that the disease which is diabetes militus is is killing peoples increasingly and it is now on its peak.many of the people are dying due to Diabetes mellitus it is a very alarming. it is also known as to be one of the silent killer because the patient Even don’t know when it started and what are it’s boundaries of its start and Other Side if I tell you the patient of the diabetes mellitus or Diabetes inspidus does not even knows that they have got these two diseases and when he comes to know than the the damage has been done if you look about a medications of diabetes mellitus and inspidus than inspidus as we know that it is very lower dangerous than the mellitus ma it’s medication could be found in market so people after buying its medicines can be recovered from it but if we look into the other in lighter than it is very much dangerous and its medicals are actually very much costly as well .so most of the people die because they are poor and they can’t take it’s medicine it’s all up to the government that the government should make some possibilities about the medications of diabetes mellitus many of the institution running across the world providing free cure to the patient of these diseases and also non funded Organizations are also doing the same And these are actually founded by some of the richest person in the world so we need to make some collaborations in just feel to cure the deputy may let’s patient so they could recognise and make a proper treatment and get recovered been done at if peak so we need to daily check up to our doctor about this disease if we are suspicious about HTC can actually problem in our daily life


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