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Me The Cursed Dunker

Am The Cursed Dunker And This is my story.My name is Sarmad and i am 20 year old,we live in a village Called Sakhi Wala near Multan.I Loved to go to Turkey and Grecee even i wanted to see Europe,but We are poor I can’t afford that much money.I used to Go and return to school with my near and dear friends Owais And zain.
They have also the same wishes like me.One day we were coming from school and we saw a new shop in the market on which the sign board of “Jafar International Travels & Tours Was being settled.We were happy That Their Is Shop in our village through where we can go to Our Beloved Destinations.We fixed A day to go inside to know the process.And we went on a day when there was a holiday of school.We moved into it and a guy on reception was looking down on his mobile.The shop was empty at that time.We sat in front of him on the guest’s chair He looked on us And Said “What Can i help you” we were hasitened to talk with him.But we have to talk.then I spoked and Told him our dream and also that we don’t have much money.After Listening To our Story his mood seemed to get changed.He said “why are you here then.Just Get out”
We requested Him that how much we look to go to Turkey and Europe.He After Some Time Asked us 3000 For A Tip.It was Very much Sudden To us,we were empty,we requested Him to give us some time to arrange that amount.He Said”Ok….But I can Give You Only Two Days…..”
Two days?? What are you saying said Owais.
“Yes My Boy only two days for 3000 for tip and Total 20000 For Your Destinations.I Said Yes.Both My friends stared at me. Why Only Two Days? Zain Asked.
“Because After Two Days The Shift Of Dunkers Is Moving towards Iran” Said The Shopkeeper.
Now Go And Arrange 20000 per head and Also 3000 For Me”
I took Both Of Them Out From The Shop Saying Okay To Shopkeeper.
“Ohhh I See He is The Human Smuggler” Said Owais While We were walking on the road to return to our homes in village.
“He is here to smuggle humans in cover of travel agency.We Must Call Police”
“What The Hell Are you saying” i said to him Cutting him.
“Don’t You Guys Not Want to go to Europe to see the queen” I said Blinking My Eye.
“We Want But He asked 23000 per head Rupeed”Said Zain.
“How We will manage Much money”
Guys I have An Idea.But I will explain it to you guys tomorrow.And for now you have to gime a promise that you will agree with me whatever it is.I said.
They Said Ok.
Now We will meet tomorrow.
Next Day I met them on the chosen place.And they were waiting for me.
“Tell me what is the plan” Asked zain.
“I was not able to sleep yesterday night”
Owais Keep looking at me quietly.I spoke
We are going to sell Jewelries Of Our Mothers and if not then Any thing which can help us in arranging the money.
“Aren’t you a stupid “Said Annoyed Owais.
“What are you saying,i think you have gone mad or you drunk”
“Owais I know its hard but what about our dreames”Said Zain Satisfying Owais.
“Don’t you know what is he saying” Said Owais.
“We are doing a robbery of our love ones.No am not with you guys Am Leaving” Said Owais And started Walking away.
Then i said Owais stop,I will arrange your money.
He stoped and looked at me and asked
Leave it on me.i said.
And i said goodbye to them.They Kept looking at me.
I came to home and Moved to my parents room and open Their shelve and tried to find the lock of that box which belonged to my nani who had given some money to my mother.And after sometime i found that key open it and stole money.
It was 10000.
More then what i expected.Now Its time to open Abu’s Saving Wallet.I found it and open it.Another 10000.
Then i moved to my room and packed my luggage which includes some water bottles and all my clothes. And then I slept.Next Day At 3:10AM left my home without saying them goodbye.I don’t know whether it was my excitement or my anger of those talks from them for not doing anything.
I hide my bag in somewhere.And Moved to Stole A Cow’s Baby From Owais’s Little Farm.When I reached there only one guy was their and sleeping.I Easily stoled what i want to. Immediately take it to A guy whos name was Kala.He was a Guy Who Can Gime its best money.When i reached at his place. He Looked more stared at me then a nice cow’ baby that what i am doing their with a cow’ baby


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