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The Cancerous Diseases

it could be any type of cancer like lung cancer or blood cancer et cetera
These all types of cancers are very much dangerous and complex because a patient becomes really a symbol of patience.Now I would like to tell you about the details of these cancerous diseases one by one


it is the very much dangerous type of cancer it is actually caused by smoking.When a smoker tries to smoke the cigarette includes more than 50 carcinogens.These are very much dangerous for our lungs and they also in males affect the process of production of sparms.Now We would like to see the process of cancer in humans


The lungs are directly infected by cigarettes carcinogens but not in the some of time but it is a same as a cycle as they affect slowly. When the long time passes they try to get defeated by cancer because their immunity decreases and the patient is now on a stage where the ways to get back are slowly started to get closed.


Now we would look at the second most important type of cancer which is blood cancer before going deep into it we need to look what is the actual definition of cancer
It is same as the Unstoppable Production of Cells is known as cancer.
So we these cells are rapidly producing in our blood is known to be blood cancer.


It is also know. To be pink cancer as it has been given the pink color which also symbolizes it.The another name of this cancer is Breast Cancer.Their starts a rapid growth in the breasts of woman which leads to serious condition.Now the world is also talking it seriously and have devoted a day in this regard as well


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