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in this article we are going to have a look at the Kim kar player unknown Battleground which the Chinese version of the Pubg game in this game you can have chat with your friend in the friends mood and also you can talk to the world chat as well in pubg mobile There one of map called livk in it the living there are 50 players and last of all the four players which are remaining can have a chicken dinner and in other maps there is a Classic map in the Classic map there are 100 peoples in this map and The one who left and kills all the people can have a chicken dinner in the match
[5:34 AM, 4/17/2023] YA HAKK: in the Chinese version of player unknown Battleground which is developed by kratos games there are also other maps as well such as payload in this map there are RPG rockets launchers and helicopter existing in it.there is a desert map in it there is a desert all the way which is 2 km long and wide. you can have a chicken dinner in this map as well also the other maps.There are also grassy maps in the pubg game are presented

PUBG: The Evolution of Battle Royale Games Battle Royale video games have end up one of the most famous genres in gaming. Among the numerous video games in this style, nknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) sticks out as one of the maximum successful and impactful. In this text, we will discover the rise of PUBG, its gameplay, and its effect on the world of gaming. History of PUBG PUBG was advanced by using Brendan, who changed into previously recognised for growing numerous mods for other games that used the Battle Royale concept. changed into released in early get right of entry to on Steam in March 2017 and speedy became a massive success, with over three million copies bought inside the first month. It later released on other structures, inclusive of Xbox One and Playstation 4. PUBG Gameplay PUBG is a Battle Royale game wherein as much as a hundred gamers are onto an island and need for guns and device, at the same time as additionally fending off and preventing different players. The game takes place in rounds, and the closing player or crew status wins. PUBG capabilities a massive open-world map, a practical taking pictures and motion gadget, and a number of cars, weapons, and items. Impact of PUBG PUBG has had a massive effect on the sector of gaming, each in phrases of its achievement and in the broader affect it has had on other Battle Royale games. PUBG has inspired more than a few comparable video games, along with Fortnite and Apex Legends, and has become a chief pressure in aggressive gaming and esports. It has also introduced new thoughts and mechanics to the Battle Royale genre, including the shrinking play location and the random placement of guns and gadget. Conclusion PUBG has been one of the maximum successful and impactful Battle Royale video games in latest years. Its success and have an impact on have stimulated more than a few other video games and have made a huge impact on the arena of gaming. As the Battle Royale style and gaming as a whole preserve to conform, it’ll be charming to look how PUBG and other video games maintain to form and have an effect.


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