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When The Inflation Asked Us To Do Bad Think About Bad

“What i say about this inflation it has made us the boys like you the thieves”
I said How much will he pay me.He said Not too much for cow’ Baby but for your debut in robbery i will give you 15000 as a reward.I said Ok.Took His Money And Moved For My Next Job. But was now late Time.And moreover i spent much of my time on thinking about how did this much confidence came in me.That i made robbery of my own house and stole 20000 from my house and then stole my near and dear friend’s cow. For My dream How Strange it is….!!!
Only Five Thousand More I Needed.What i did Was Very Much Funny in Itself i Moved to My Cousin House And Said Him That abu has Requested you to give me 5000 as loan and he will pay you back.
He is a innocent guys, his name is Tufail .He gave me then and there.
Now everything has arranged and its time to go to Dunkey.I sleep calmly that tomorrow is the follow up of my dream.And Next I saw both my friends were coming with bags of luggages with them.I asked zain how did he arranged that money He didn’t replied me.we reached at the shop of jafar who was just waiting for us he took our money and called a guy who was on a taxi.He told us that this taxi will take almost 18 hours to took us on the point where all dunkers and other boys will be waiting for us.Then We moved to our first point.
After almost 18 and half hours we were sitting on the dunkers point where almost 37 more boys were waiting like us.The Dunker Entered and said that tomorrow we will be moving towards iran and Tomorrow at this same time we will cross the border and we will be in turkey we all were happy and slept.And when we woke up .They gave us breakfast and took us to our destination through Vigos 4×4.Our wallet was same and was 10000. And at the next day they asked us that now we have to cross the iran turkey border by foot.And now the Horror started.
We could see that there were mountains called Mushkhails Mountains covered with ice And we have to run on them without foot because if we wear foot then our speed will be very slow and we took more time and we can be shot down by the border guards of both sides.So we ran. It was Almost a 30 km hiking.
And the foots of 20 boys got deep wounds.Me and my friend zain was with me and Owais after watching the mountains said us good bye and returned home.And later i come to know that he was caught and shot down by the local police of iran.Me and zain were helping each other suddenly one boy who was fearly climbing the mountains could not make his grip tight and fall down and took more then 5 boys with him in the deeps of mountain, their shireaks slowly went dim with our loud yells but we could do nothing except watching them going into deeps .We climbed the mountains and crossed them.and now we have to move much quick because what the dunker said shocked us he said that now we are in between the iran turk border.It is the area of Kurds Who can Make us their hostage by kidnapping us to make demand of money to our parents.And then suddenly a Kurd who was sitting on the top seen us and started to make whistles to inform his fellows and we saw many of kurds running downward to us with their guns.Our dunkers asked us to run as much quick as we can and we ran.They started firing on us .Many of us got wounded.we both saved because we were in middle of our group.We ran blind and When we crossed their zone we came to know that we are only 15 more.Now we wanted to go back all of us got angry on dunker.He said we can’t go back.Some of us tried to calm the boys who lost their friends.Now We got sleept and after talking rest of 4 hours and lying on a bank of river which was located on iran turk border as a boundary.We crossed the border at night and reached turkey.our dream place with broken hearts.Only 15 out of 40 were saved but All were either wounded or cant walk too much as their foots were not helping them to walk much
But we have to walk and also our dunkers told us that their work will be over after when they took us on a private hotel and we can exchange our currency from there.But when our Hiace reached their.A raid was happening their and it was surrounded by Turk Polise.And when they saw our hiace they ordered us to stop but our driver immediately tried to turn it and they started firing on us Zain and me were Sitting beside each other and a bullet hit Zain’s Head and he tried to Say Abaa…….And he Got Dead…….Our driver was also dead…I opened door with my leg and started running. A Sniper Shot came and hit both of my Legs and passed and I fell down and became unconscious.And When i woke up i came to know that i was admitted in hospital of Doğubayazıt.
I came to know that they have cutt my both legs because it could be dangerous for my life not cut my legs.I after Having 3 years jail in turkey sent back To Sakhi Wala…..Where I told them everything and face them not only my parents but the 4 other parents as well and not only that day but even today……And That Dunkey Became a Cursed for me for rest of my life…..!!!!


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